Window pictures for Christmas and the Advent season

Stylish Christmas window pictures will envelop your home in festive magic. They are elegantly understated and can be arranged individually - whether simple and discreet or splendid and shiny like our X-Mas gold sticker. When the snow is falling outside, all of our Christmas window decorations are atmospheric eye-catchers and will warm your heart.

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Easter is just around the corner

Once a year, the enchanting window stickers add a very special touch to the Christmas and Advent season. And because they are self-adhesive and reusable, you can apply the Christmas window stickers to your windows again and again, Christmas after Christmas. Just a few months after Christmas Eve, the next big celebration is just around the corner - Easter. So quickly put aside the Christmas pictures and bring on the Easter motifs. These will decorate your four walls according to your wishes and needs.